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Accredited Drug Testing Inc.: Providing Exceptional Customer Service

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President & CEO, James A Greer,Accredited-Drug-Testing-IncJames A Greer, President & CEO
It is a common scenario to see employers undertaking pre-employment drug testing in accordance with state laws and company policies. However, most of the drug testing providers lack in trained staff that can maintain better customer service relationships or reply to the customer queries and thus fails to serve customers at the time of need. Florida-based Accredited Drug Testing Inc. (ADT) offers drug-free workplace programs for employers and individuals in need of drug, alcohol, or DNA tests. With a highly experienced, professional, and trained team, ADT emphasizes exceptional customer service that includes answering calls and providing accurate information on the clients’ needs immediately. “With over 20,000 company-owned and affiliated drug testing centers throughout the US, we serve over 2,000 clients nationwide and schedule thousands of tests each month for employers, DOT regulated companies and individuals needing a drug or alcohol test,” states James A. Greer, President and CEO of Accredited Drug Testing.

Greer, who has been in the drug testing business since 1993, is a graduate of Cornell University’s Executive Leadership Program and is recognized as an expert in the drug and alcohol testing industry. He currently serves as the Chairman of the National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association, and along with his extensive entrepreneurial and business management experience, he has been elected to Public Office multiple times.

In addition to Accredited Drug Testing, the company has two major subsidiaries, Coastal Drug Testing and Smart Drug Testing, that provide one-stop-shopping for employers of any size who wish to conduct drug testing, implement a drug free workplace program, or are in need of other services such as employee policy development, background checks, supervisor training and the scheduling of drug and alcohol testing anywhere in the Nation.

“We ensure our availability to clients at the most needed hour by opening early and closing late, and also providing services on weekends. Clients can schedule drug or alcohol tests through our website around the clock,” says Greer.

When utilizing Accredited Drug Testing, employers have several methods they can use to schedule a drug or alcohol test. .

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They can call the National Scheduling Office at 1-800-221-4291 and provide the donor’s information, they can schedule any type of test online, 24/7, or if they wish, a client can directly access the scheduling system through the Accredited Drug Testing Scheduling Portal

“With our scheduling department having early and late hours, along with being open on Saturdays, Accredited Drug Testing is available when most other drug testing providers are closed; where others fail, we succeed,” says Greer. The employee would receive a donor pass email to be carried while visiting the testing center. Once the tests are done, specimens are sent to the laboratories for analysis. Within a day or 48 hours at the maximum, the test results are sent to clients. The company also provides an onsite mobile drug-testing service, which is very rare in the market. “In this service, we visit the clients’ business site for the tests,” he adds. For example, in the case of post-accident testing that is required under US DOT testing, team ADT visits the accident scene and conducts the drug test, increasing the convenience of the clients. “Although the majority of our tests are conducted at our testing centers, we have our mobile onsite drug testing department for efficient service delivery to clients,” says Greer.

In addition, ADT conducts background checks like driving record searches and provides motor vehicle reports (MVRs) to aid clients in ensuring that the information on an employee’s resume or job application is accurate. The company delivers medical review officers (MRO) services where every drug test is reviewed and verified by its in-house doctors (classified as MROs). “Unlike some of our competitors, we only use government-certified and laboratories, and our MROs ensure that the donors have lawful prescriptions for any drug,” adds Greer.

Moving forward, ADT is focused on the federal motor carrier safety administration (FMCSA) clearinghouse programs where all the truck drivers in the US report into a database to keep track of any drug or alcohol violation. “We have created a new service called the FMCSA Accucheck Program, which will provide a wide range of DOT related services to single/owner-operators and trucking companies throughout the US, to ensure compliance with the FMCSA Clearinghouse,” adds Greer. “We are committed to ensuring that all of our DOT regulated employers comply with all DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements, including the FMCSA Clearinghouse, which takes effect January 6, 2020.”
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Winter Park, FL

James A Greer, President & CEO

Accredited Drug Testing Inc. (ADT) is a worldwide company specializing in Drug testing, Alcohol testing, DNA testing, DOT Physicals, Drug-Free Workplace policy development and Background Checks. ADT provides full-service Drug-Free Work Place programs to small, medium and large companies, and drug testing services to individuals as needed. They can assist companies in the implementation of drug-free workplace program with policy development, supervisor training, employee education and on-going consultation. Accredited Drug Testing Inc. is the one-stop shopping source for pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident testing provided in a courteous, cost-effective, and confidential manner.

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