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Applicant Insight: Smart and Compliant Background Screening Solutions for Employers

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CEO, John Danneberg,Applicant-InsightJohn Danneberg, CEO
The recent Ninth Circuit decision, Gilberg v. California Check Cashing Stores, LLC, has many employers rethinking their background check programs. If you are considering reviewing your background check program and its compliance, you need to checkout Applicant Insight (Ai). Their consumer-facing forms automation provides a fully customizable, mobile-reflexive, best practices federal/ state/local background check disclosures and authorization platform, as well as the ability to customize pre-adverse action and adverse action letters based on federal, state and local requirements.

In today’s heated battle to find the right talent, it is rare that a background screening company has to tell an employer why background checks are necessary. What matters now is how they are performed. How fast, efficient and accurate is it? Moreover, with the trends in litigation around the FCRA continuing to rise, employers are finding themselves again questioning their programs in another way, asking “how compliant is it”?

Founded in 1990, Applicant Insight is a provider of background screening and substance abuse testing, both domestically and internationally. “We provide a full spectrum of end-to-end solutions to regulated and unregulated industries by focusing on the four pillars— best in class turnaround time, compliance, customer service, and quality,” says Johnny Bitar, President of Applicant Insight.

Providing information from over 200 countries and territories, the firm’s proprietary, cloud-based technology and patented paperless workflow automation solutions ensure administration, implementation, and expert management of the most complex screening programs. From consultation to customized system design, seamless integration with partners and customers, compliance and reporting, Applicant Insight provides customers with trusted and credible source information in a clean, efficient, compliant manner.
This also includes proficiency in technology integration to enable fast, cost-effective solutions to leverage Human Resource Information System (HRIS) or third-party Applicant Tracking System (ATS) platforms. Certified as an HR Open Standards firm, Applicant Insight’s technological capabilities range from API transactions, secure data file transfers, internet applications to HR forms automation, with existing ATS/ HRIS applications. Moreover, adhering to the guidelines established in the FCRA and by other governing federal and state laws, Ai provides a compliance-driven, smooth candidate experience by offering an array of onboarding solutions designed to bridge the gap between what the HRIS/ ATS platform can do and what employers need to do to be compliant when initiating background screening solutions.

From criminal record searches, pre and post-employment drug testing and occupational health services, credit reports, civil records searches, sex offender searches, verification services, I-9, to Driver Qualification Files management and other post-hire services, Ai delivers intelligent, single-source, compliance-driven solutions which can be customized to any employer’s need. Ai routinely provides clients consultative-based best practices materials covering topics such as best practices in criminal history due diligence packaging, pre and post-hire HRIS/ATS integration process flows, and more.

These solutions help employers mitigate risk through thoughtful design, implementation, and management of a smart screening program. Many of Ai’s programs are developed specifically for highly regulated industries and industries that require 24/7/365 support, such as insurance and financial institutions, DOT transportation modalities, education institutions, healthcare institutions, hospitality entities, and staffing companies that service those industries. Unlike many large background screening companies who have very strict, rigid, non-customizable customer and candidate-facing software, Ai’s solutions are completely customizable in every way.

“Excelling in the administration of standard to very complex programs, while mitigating risk and making sure our clients receive full transparency into how we operate and what they are receiving is what we do. We continually enhance our technology to ensure that all customers of Applicant Insight, including the candidate, receive the best experience available on the market,” concludes Gregory Kirsch, Chief Operating and Compliance Officer at Applicant Insight.
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New Port Richey, FL

John Danneberg, CEO

Applicant Insight, founded in 1990, is a well-known provider of background screening and substance abuse testing worldwide. Ai's proprietary, web-based technology and patented paperless workflow automation, ensure the administration, implementation and expert management of the most complex screening programs. The company minimizes hiring and retention risks through the design and execution of an intelligent screening program to ensure compliance with regulating agencies governing the use of background checks and substance abuse testing in the workplace. With programs developed specifically for industries, including insurance, financial, transportation, staffing, education and healthcare, Ai can offer superior solutions to facilitate confident staffing decisions.

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