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President, Pati Cinkle,Candid-ResearchPati Cinkle, President
Why does it take so long to complete background checks in hiring? In a quest to find an answer to this riddle, Pati Cinkle, the owner of a successful staffing company hired a background check specialist. In the process, Pati soon noticed that many delays in the criminal record research process could be easily avoided as they weren’t conducive to the whole process. With this fresh approach, her staffing company quickly started receiving the background checks within just a few hours. The change was so drastic that her clients asked: how are you able to get results so fast? Cognizant of the massive opportunity at hand, Pati established a separate business just for the background checks in the form of Candid Research. Ever since its inception in 2008, impressive turnaround time (TAT) and absolutely the best customer service in the industry have been what sets Candid Research apart from all other background check providers.

Candid Research believes that the best time to deliver value to the clients is—now. To that end, Pati has built an internal team that has the tenacity and the earnest desire to provide expeditious and accurate results. Renowned for its nimble and flexible approach to the needs of its clients, Candid Research boasts of a consistent track record of a TAT of one day for background checks. However, there are a handful of states— Massachusetts, for instance—where one might take longer to verify the records because of prevailing archaic systems. One needs to approach the court and find a clerk to gather the details about the candidate in question.

Our turn-around time, customer service, and pricing are heads and shoulders above the rest in our industry

For such locations, Candid Research may take up to ten days to complete a background check if there is record found, while its competitors will take between six to nine weeks for the same report.

Candid Research has researched the systems of all the counties across the nation and knows what is the fastest way to get the most accurate information, then they create and follow that procedure. It is this type of deep understanding of the political and legal systems in the counties that allows the company to provide their clients with accurate reports so quickly. Candid Research also provides motor vehicle reports, credit reports, drug testing, education and employment verification, and many other pre-employment screening services.

Recently, a customer who had a sneaking suspicion on a candidate approached Candid Research with the need to run the background check. The client had performed the verification only on county criminal records as the federal check was not part of their normal package. “When I reviewed it, I found there were 15 cases dismissed against the candidate in question the same day in the county system. This made us question if perhaps there may have been a conviction in the federal system. When I checked, sure enough, I found it, and was able to confirm the client’s suspicions.” says Pati, who scoured the court dockets and found the candidate to have served five years in federal prison for selling arms. With many such success stories in the past, Pati believes that by delivering the best service and competitive pricing, you will attract and retain excellent customers.
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Anaheim, CA

Pati Cinkle, President

Candid Research was designed to meet the challenging demands of the employer. The company addresses the problem of getting quality background checks quickly. It effectively executes the basic searches ordered as part of most background checks like County Criminal Record Check, Social Security Number Trace, Employment Verifications, and Education Verifications. Their services are well known as they utilize all the available resources to process request in real-time while providing fast results. They go directly to local court records to retrieve data available. Further, they offer volume discounts and customized packages to work within the corporate’s budget

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