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SecureSearch: Securing the Hiring Process

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CEO, Steve Durie,SecureSearchSteve Durie, CEO
Imagine the challenge of onboarding thousands of people within a short period of time in anticipation of the ski season. Adding to the demands on the HR department at the large resort was the antiquated vetting process, which involved processing a significant amount of paper-based forms scribbled with illegible handwriting. Desiring a streamlined solution, they decided to leverage SecureSearch’s screening services. “Our solution of using a batch invite tool for the applicants to fill online consent forms themselves was music to their ears,” exclaims Steve Durie, founder, president, and CEO of SecureSearch. A significant bonus is the ability to obtain a true signature (using either a mouse or finger to sign) to gain an applicants’ consent to process a background check. As a pre-employment and volunteer screening service provider, SecureSearch was able to help the HR department process 2000 background checks in a short period, while ensuring compliance with state and federal laws.

One of the biggest obstacles for HR is finding the time to run background checks and update data in their company system. SecureSearch offers a web-based service where clients can order background checks and other screening services online, view reports, receive notifications, and securely retrieve completed profile reports. “Once a client signs up online, we set up the vetting process and implement their customized solution in a single business day,” says Durie. A client advocate is assigned to each customer to help create a customized background screening solution tailored to their requirements for due diligence and cost-effectiveness. Clients have a streamlined applicant-driven portal, where a batch request can be sent to a number of individuals at once.
Based on the prospective position the applicant will hold in the organization, they receive a tailored email with a link for an online consent form and web signature. Any form required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) for background screening can be included.

Additionally, clients with specialties in databases that manage people, employees, volunteers, and applicants benefit by simply integrating SecureSearch’s web service to expand the value of their products. Laws are constantly changing, and HR is under pressure to keep up with new regulations to eliminate any liability. SecureSearch conducts background checks only with the individual’s consent and complies with all applicable terms under the FCRA, federal, state, and local laws. The information is not disclosed to any third party, except in accordance with applicable laws, and is protected by layered firewalls and other security technologies such as SSL data encryption to prevent unauthorized access.

“We are focused on being the pre-employment screening provider that understands background checks better than anyone else,” says Durie. What most clients are looking for is to feel secure when hiring any personnel for the first time. SecureSearch is a boutique company that develops a relationship with its clients and adds a personal touch to every customer engagement. Along with screening services, the company’s exemplary customer service helps clients clear any questions related to compliance or issues regarding a profile report. SecureSearch provides its services on a national and international level, catering to small businesses and multinational corporations as well.

Moving forward, SecureSearch is developing unique solutions for the financial services, retail, healthcare, staffing, and volunteer industries by understanding the needs of the particular segment. Since 2006, SecureSearch has served over 10,000 unique clients worldwide; the secret to its success lies in the company’s dedication to continuously enhance its solutions while prioritizing compliance. Given the significant risk behind a bad hiring decision, it is no surprise that employers are turning to SecureSearch to boost the effectiveness of their hiring process.
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Englewood, CO

Steve Durie, CEO

An online pre-employment and volunteer screening service SecureSearch allows Human Resource Professionals, Hiring Managers, Volunteer Recruiters, and Staff Recruiters to leverage their services. The company's screening services offer the convenience of securely submitting requests and accessing profile reports 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere with an Internet connection. With FCRA compliant business practices and HR-XML CONSORTIUM CERTIFIED technology platform SecureSearch is committed to creating a safer and more secure workplace and living environment. The company offers a full array of easy to use, paperless tools for managing the background screening process

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